Printed Date: 19/06/2024

Board of Trustees

As a national charitable organisation that serves multicultural communities, we acknowledge the importance that our Board be diverse in terms of background, geography, skills and knowledge to create diversity of thinking.


GLL is governed by Trustees made up of the following:

  • 12 employees and society members elected by the staff society at the AGM
  • 6 non-employees (Independent Trustees) who are proposed and appointed at the AGM
  • 3 Co-opted Councillors (Councillor Trustees) who are appointed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich reflecting our roots
  • Our CEO who is ex-officio
  • Our Company Secretary who is proposed and appointed at the AGM


Meet our Board of Trustees 

Alan Ritchie, Work Board Trustee

Amelia Kitchen, Worker Board Trustee

Ashton Rennie, Worker Board Trustee

Craig Woodward, Worker Board Trustee

Theresa Shangazhike, Worker Board Trustee

Emma Lewis, Worker Board Trustee

Adriana Duarte, Worker Board Trustee

Matt Perren, Worker Board Trustee and Chair

Paul Shearman, Worker Board Trustee

Pauline Thomas-Bennett, Worker Board Trustee

Rebecca Gediking, Worker Board Trustee

Sera Terry, Worker Board Trustee

Peter Bundey, Chief Executive Officer

Philip Donnay, Deputy CEO

Kulvinder Gainda, Company Secretary

Bill Brown, Independent Trustee and Finance Professional

Chris Roberts, Independent Trustee and Education Entrepreneur

Natalie Palmer, Independent Trustee and Leisure Finance Professional

Nick Evans, Independent Trustee and Employment Law Professional

Steve Edwards, Independent Trustee and Local Authority Professional

Sophie Tranchell MBE, Independent Trustee and Social Entrepreneur

Sam Littlewood, Councillor Trustee

Jit Ranabhat, Councillor Trustee

Sandra Thomas, Councillor Trustee